Info for Team Captains

Scores for all fixtures should be entered by the winning team within 48 hours of the match and verified by the opposing team within 7 Days. In the event of a draw the home captain enters the result.

Your Club Match Secretary should provide you with a set of instructions on how to enter scores online using a password which is unique to your Club. A ‘rough guide’ is also given below:

1. Go to the Online Results section of this website.
2. Select the appropriate Division – this will open up the relevant page for your team’s results.
3. When the page with the relevant table opens then login using the passwords you have been provided (these should not be disclosed to anyone else).
4. The table will appear – below it is a section called ‘Latest matches’.
5. You will see the word ‘Modify’ by your team’s matches – click on this for the match just played.
6. Click ‘Enter Rubber Results’
7. Select the players for each rubber – home and away. If any players are missing follow this link for a short LTA video on how to enter scores HERE.

Note: If you cannot enter player names for any reason you should enter their names in the notes section making clear which players played in which pairs.
8. Enter the rubber results in full.
9. Click on verify – check they are correct and then confirm them.(please keep a scorecard or a photo of the scorecard should there be any queries at a later date).

10. If a match is postponed please enter the reasons in the note section.
11. Logout when you have finished.


Winning teams just need to follow steps 1-4 and confirm the result. If the winning team has failed to enter the scores for any reason the opposition team should enter them to ensure the results are up-to-date.

Using the online system is quick and easy and means that live up-to-date tables are always available. If you have any issues contact your Match Secretary in the first instance or contact Pete Tolaini